Sanctum for Quake III Arena

There is a new map for Quake III Arena called Sanctum. This Team Deathmatch map showing ancient temple was made for Maverick’s Mapping Competition #3 for Quake 3 Arena.


New Gallery

I’ve added new set in gallery section. It shows the map I made some time ago for Doodle project. Doodle is open source Fps game based on Quake engine. Pictures were taken with Darkplaces engine.

Two new galleries

I added two new sets into Gallery section. They show two levels I was working on some time ago for game called Iron Grip: Warlord – online mp fps game from Isotx.

Syredan is underground city and Atelier is sky fortress. Both maps are pretty big in size, but not bigger then most of the rest IG:W maps.  Unfortunately for numerous reasons maps never made it to get into the game, and were left unpublished. Still it’s worth to show at least how do they look like!

Syredan – gallery

Aerie – gallery

Wargrounds for Quake Live

One again there is a new addition to Quake Live premium maps pool, and it’s called Wargrounds. Check it out!

Sorrow for Quake Live

Few days ago there was another Quake Live update. Among many new features and tweaks there are also new maps, and one of them is created by me. It’s called Sorrow, and it’s gothic themed 1v1 and 2v2 map.


Single player mission for Deep Scars

Negke made very short (obviously) but really cute mission for my Quake map – Deep Scars. There’s never enough of Quake action, so grab it now from here.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution released!

At last Steel Storm: Burning Retribution – old school top down action shooter was released! You can get it on Steam, Desura and Ubuntu Software Center.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution at Steam

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution at Desura