Deep Scars for Quake

I did small and fast paced map for Quake.  It’s designed for duel, and you can grab it from Quake community maps page.


2 Responses to Deep Scars for Quake

  1. qqshka says:

    Hi, sorry for offtopic, but can you do CTF map for QW? Since atm QW really does not have good CTF maps, well they are designed with hook in mind, but not like much ppl want to use it. So it whould be nice to have CTF maps which done without hook in min. Probably you can port some q3 ctf maps? Or own. There ported Spider Crossing from Q3 but its only ONE map. Anyway, there is thread on you probably alredy seen it . Sad part is that I can’t really guarante that if you did map it will be used, since CTF is kinda dead in QW :E

  2. ShadoW says:

    Hi qqshka. well everything is possible ;).

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