Q3shw20: Annihilation – DOWNLOAD

Can you belive it? It’s my 20th map :). Of course it’s not true, there was a little more projects, and much less that are real professional maps, haha!

It has been quite long time since my last map :). Lets say that I simply lost interest in mapping and games generally. But nothing lasts forever, and so here I am, and my ‘new/old’ map too. Two years ago a had few mapping projects, but never finished them. This map is only one from my past , which I managed to bring to final state (not mentioning how long was that). Its quite big/open map, mainly for Team DM, and of course ffa. Personally, I even played this map in 1v1 mode (I like big tourney maps), so I advise you to try it too, especially with CPMA mod.

You can find this map also at: LvL, Map Factory, FileFront, QuakeUnity


3 Responses to Annihilation

  1. spirit says:

    Looks great, especially the first screenshot!

  2. MegA-TecK says:

    Looks nice, i have to test it now ! 😉

  3. simplepatcher0 says:

    Top map.

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