Q3shw23: Hipertrofia – DOWNLOAD

This map was inspired by recent Q3 Speedmapping events (www.levelmakers.com), and main goal for me was to create playable map in 24h limit time. Pure freestyle fun. I just thought it would be cool to make a map in such short time, when usually it takes weeks/months of hard work to finish decent map. So I’ve gathered few textures from my archive and started. In the end I didn’t manage to build it in one single day (it’s rather hard to sit over a dozen h with Radiant), but whole process took ~14h (yes, I had actually timer running), and few weeks of beta testing. It’s small map for 1v1 game and ffa (there is second q3shw23_ffa.bsp file in pak, that version havs quad included). Textures used here are taken from Team Arena, some original and some are remade by me.

You can find this map also at: LvLMap-Factory, QuakeUnity

Reviews: Tastyspleen TastyCats






One Response to Hipertrofia

  1. jon says:

    24 hours?!!

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