The Dreadful Place

Q3shw24: The Dreadful Place – DOWNLOAD

You know what is incredible? We have almost 2010 year, and somebody is organizing mapping competition for our old (but still great!) Quake III Arena. WOW. What’s more cool it’s not just SOME competition, but actually it’s event with great prizes from serious sponsors. I’m really impresed, Maverick – you gave me some great time while I was working on this map, thank you!
It was real fun to work with this map, and to be honest I’m amazed myself how easy it went with it for me. It took me maybe 20 minutes to draw layout, and another 20 to build some test map. Few hours of gameplay testing and it was done. Then started real modeling/texturing, which was relatively easy, almost from the beginning I was aware of how this map should be looking in the end. Textures set I used here, is mix of my own and some TA ones. Whole build process took less then 44 hours, so it’s not too much :). Just as I mentioned – fun.
Map is destinated for TDM gametype, it’s just big enough to handle 8, or even more people.

You can also find it at: Map-Factory, LvL

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