Rotten soul

Q3shw25: Rotten soul – DOWNLOAD

Recently I was looking through my old .map files, where I have many unfinished projects. Rotten soul was one of them. I’ve started this map years ago (2005?), and worked on it from time to time. I thought it would be shame to not finish it now, especially there wasn’t much to do really. I’ve added some structures/brushwork which still was missing, all the details, finished layout and lighning.
I really like this map now, especially how it looks. I think I’ve managed to make something interesting, even comparing it with modern engines I think it doesn’t look bad :).
There are actually two layouts for this map, one for 1v1, and one for tdm game. They are not much different, item placement is changed a little and Quad added into tdm version.

You can also find it at: LvL, Map Factory


2 Responses to Rotten soul

  1. Anthem says:

    Excellent map.

  2. ShadowZombie says:

    Very well done! Love the fog and textures.

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