Interview for

Yesterday was published an interviwe with me on It’s the biggest and longest working Quake scene releated portal, and I talked about things I’m doing right now and my input into Quake Live.

Read the article on (polish language).


SFI: Academic IT Festival workshops

Few weeks ago I had a pleasure to lead a level design workshop during Academic IT Festival. It was a three day long festival organized by AGH University of Science and Technology located at Cracow, Poland. The subject of the workshop was: “Level Design Basics With Radiant Editor”.

I would like to thank participants and organizers for inviting me there, it was a pleasure and fun!

Afterfall: Insanity

I forgot to mention that few weeks ago I started to work at NicolasGames studio. The studio is developing a game called Afterfall: Insanity. It’s action/horror TPP game set in post apocalyptic world.

heXen:Edge Of Chaos

Lately I joined the team working on heXen:Edge Of Chaos, a free fps total conversion of Doom3. As the name suggests, it’s homage for original Hexen, series of games developed by Raven Software.

heXen:Edge Of Chaos

Udk Scene

Recently  I’ve created a map in Udk. Screenshot from the map are available in gallery section now.

Atelier for Xonotic

Atelier is large tdm/dom/ft map I’ve made for Xonotic. Check it out!


Deep Scars for Quake

I did small and fast paced map for Quake.  It’s designed for duel, and you can grab it from Quake community maps page.