Sanctum for Quake III Arena

There is a new map for Quake III Arena called Sanctum. This Team Deathmatch map showing ancient temple was made for Maverick’s Mapping Competition #3 for Quake 3 Arena.



New map for Quake III: Battlegrounds!

Mapping competition #2 organized by Maverick just came to end. It’s time to show the results ;). My new map called Battlegrounds is finished, and ready for download :). Check out Q3shw26!

Mapping Competition #2 for Quake 3 Arena

NoGhost Mapping Competition #2 for Quake 3 Arena ( started already some time ago, of course I had have to participate in it, so here are first effects of my work :).

New map for Quake III: Rotten soul

My new map for Quake III, called Rotten soul is finished. Ready to be downloaded :).

New shots.

Next part of what I’m working on right now.

New/old map for Quake III

Recently I didn’t had much time for mapping, but I can show some early shots from one of my old, never finished maps. I would like to work with it, and finish it with next few weeks/months.

New map

Q3shw24: The Dreadful place, is ready for download.  Judging of NoGhost Mapping Competition just started, so I can officialy present my new map.