Wargrounds for Quake Live

One again there is a new addition to Quake Live premium maps pool, and it’s called Wargrounds. Check it out!

Sorrow for Quake Live

Few days ago there was another Quake Live update. Among many new features and tweaks there are also new maps, and one of them is created by me. It’s called Sorrow, and it’s gothic themed 1v1 and 2v2 map.


Concrete Palace and Dies Irae for Quake Live

February Quake Live update brings my two new maps. Concrete Palace is small 1v1 map, and Dies Irae known from Quake2World is large tdm and ffa map.

Concrete Palace:                                                Dies Irae:

Double Impact for Quake Live

Most recent Quake Live update brings some pretty good stuff, like new scoreboard, and few new maps. Among them Double Impact, capture the flag mode map from me. Merry Christmas.

Quake Live

As some of you probably already know recently I’ve done some work on Quake Live, including creation of new map called Leviathan. Also my old Quake III map – Dreadful Place is now official part of the Quake Live.