In the meantime while we wait for Double impact for q2w to be ready, I’ve made a dm version of that map, and it’s called Impcat :). Some screenies below:

q2wshw3_002 q2wshw3_003 q2wshw3_006


New map for Quake2World

Few pictures from my coming, next map for Quake2World. It’s called “Double impact”, and it’s ctf map.

dimp_b1_001 dimp_b1_002 dimp_b1_003


New map for Quake2World – Necropolis

It’s done and ready to rock :)! Check out more info about it under Quake2world menu.

q2wshw2_002 q2wshw2_003 q2wshw2_004

Dies Irae

I’ve posted info about my first Q2W map – Dies Irae. You can find it under Q2E section menu.