Steel Storm: Burning Retribution released!

At last Steel Storm: Burning Retribution – old school top down action shooter was released! You can get it on Steam, Desura and Ubuntu Software Center.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution at Steam

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution at Desura


New map for Steel Storm: Stronghold

Preview of another Steel Storm map, called Stronghold.

Outpost for Steel Storm

Small preview of another Steel Storm map called Outpost.

Two new maps for Steel Storm for the New Year beginning.

Happy New Year for all. It was a busy year, so busy I forgot to mention that Steel Storm has 2 new maps.

Quantum Leap


Wind Mill for Steel Storm

Small preview of yet another map for Steel Storm. Beside having new baby on board, there’s one more reason to celebrate. Steel Storm Team just won Linux game development contest, and great prize is Unigine engine license. Expect cool stuff :).

Flying Fortress for Steel Storm

Small preview of one of the maps from incoming Episode II. Actually you can already grab beta realease of the second episode on

New Steel Storm map.

I just wanted to show you some pictures from upcoming Steel Storm EpII map ;). I’s large level set in sky urban/tech style. For more informations about Steel Storm – classic top-down view shooter, please visit Steel-Storm at IndieDB and Steel-Storm site. Btw, in case you still don’t know it, you can download EpI for free :).