Single player mission for Deep Scars

Negke made very short (obviously) but really cute mission for my Quake map – Deep Scars. There’s never enough of Quake action, so grab it now from here.

Deep Scars for Quake

I did small and fast paced map for Quake.  It’s designed for duel, and you can grab it from Quake community maps page.

Single player mission for Quake Devastation

Thanks to negke from Func_msgboard there’s single player mission for Devastation. Although it’s rather short, still very cool, and worth to check out. You can grab it from Devastation page.

Devastation source released

I’ve released a source .map file for Q1shw1: Devastation (GPL license). You can get it here.

Ready up for Devastation

Devastation for Quake is finished. Go visit Quake levels section for more info and download link.

Devastation for Quake

I’m working on Quake map in free moments called Devastation. Beta will be available soon, until then you can see some pictures of it (screenshots were taken with Darkplaces engine).


I was bored (!) lately and because of that started this new Quake map :P. Why Q1? because it’s best fps ever, simply as that. Recently I’m playing some old-school fps from time to time, and Q1 is on of them. I really wantedto make sp map,  but don’t have time for that really, so decided to go with small mp level atm.

Map is called Devastation, and it will be 1v1 map. here you can see some editor shots: